Friday, April 2, 2010

The Banes of my Existence

I was going to write about something else today. I'd been purposely avoiding talking about the ICC raid buffs because it's kind of a "dead horse" topic at this point, but I had a really good experience with them a couple nights ago and I wanted to share it as an example of how it's more than a "pity buff."

Well, turns out the Noob beat me to it. Seriously. Almost word for word what I was planning to say.

Just as well. I've done it to him before. So now we're even.

Instead, I'm going to go a little bit ranty here and talk about some of the things that are on my personal WoW shitlist.

Hunters - We have 50 bajillion of them in our guild. I think every third person that joins and wants to raid with us is a hunter. Everyone else has an alt hunter. Here's the problem. They take my weapons. Seriously. There's only so many weapons in the game that are good for bear tanks. And they usually don't drop off the first couple bosses of an instance, which means some effort is required to get them.

I know it wasn't 4 days ago that I used Origin of Nightmares as an example of how awesome I am. But I mean...come on. I'm trying to tank the upper wings of ICC and I'm still using a weapon that I got from the second boss in Naxx's Abomb quarter. It's damn good for Bears, don't get me wrong. But in 3 tiers of raiding, I should have been able to pick up better.

On the rare occasion (and when I say rare, I mean rare) that I've seen a potential upgrade drop I've been outrolled by a hunter if I didn't outright pass on it because they were still using a blue-quality weapon or something.

Mongoose - On that note, how obnoxious is it that the best weapon Enchant in the game for Bears is one from BC? Every time I do get a new weapon (twice over the span of Wrath so far) I have to either dump a ton of money on the AH for items that there's a very very small supply for, or grab an enchanter and run around Kara for a few hours letting them DE everything that drops. This should not be the case!

Oracle Egg - According to my achievement history I hit Exalted with the Oracles on Jan 7, 2009, which means I probably got Revered (the rep that enables you to start buying the egg) sometime in mid-December 2008. Based on that, I've gone roughly 67 weeks without getting one of said eggs to hatch into a nice Green Proto-Drake. That's a lot of time, money, and disappointment.

And I really want the mount because I really want to finally be able to switch over and rep up with the infinitely-cooler puppy-men. Screw the big-tongues. Hate them, I do.

Old World Raids - Is there any good reason I can't enter these solo? Really? I'm level 80 and decked out in gear (mostly) from ToC and ICC. I'm am at least this tall. I can ride this ride alone! It's absolutely silly that when I want to go on one of my Midnight or ZA Tiger/Raptor farming runs that I have to ask my partner to log onto his level 15 bank alt so that I can form a raid group to go in. If he's not around or otherwise occupied, I have to bug guildies for the same. And if they're not around or otherwise occupied, I'm pretty much SoL.

The Armory - Don't get me wrong, the Armory (and the Armory App) are freakin' amazing and I love them. But do you know what I want infinitely more than the ability to see and pose my toon in 3D? I want to be able to fully manage raid invites. Not just accept or decline. I want to be able to create and delete them. Update invites. To set members to confirmed or out. Reschedule. Update descriptions. All that kind of fun stuff. Way more useful. I hate doing that stuff in-game. When I sit down and log in, I want to play.

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  1. I feel compelled by the power of the huntard to respond. Quit passing on stuff you can use because yet another of us ventured into ICC.

    To redeem hunter karma feel free to bug me for your solo raid runs :)