Monday, January 10, 2011

The New Old Azeroth (So Far)

I still have a lot of Druidy stuff to talk about...not the least of which is getting some tanking guides and such up for the Cata era. But I've been lazy about prepping posts at home and I have a lot of work to get done today, so I need to keep today's post somewhat short.

I spent a lot of my time this past weekend devoted to my Hunter, Grevioux. (Anyone who can figure out the reference gets bonus points.) After devoting most of an afternoon to him when I started him, getting him through and out of Gilneas, I pretty much left him alone while focusing on my current-content toons.

In the past week (mostly Saturday and Sunday) I've taken him through Westfall, Duskwood, and most of STV (all of Northern and most of the Cape).

I'll tell you what...I enjoyed all of the level 80-85 zones that came with Cata. I thought they were fun, varied, and told excellent stories.

They don't hold a candle to the new old-world content.

Yes, leveling is way too fast and easy now. But this isn't a leveling post, it's a zone post.

If you haven't run the new Deadmines yet (Heroic or otherwise), I suggest you try and get a character (even if it's your 85 main) through Westfall before you do. It sets up the story amazingly. I ended up doing H DM on Saniel after having quested out the zone on Grevioux and it was a total thrill to see the story of Westfall come to fruition there.

Even if you have already done DM, run Westfall anyway. You'll know the end of the story already, but at least you'll get the rest.

Duskwood is basically split into two halves now. There's the Darkshire half, which hasn't changed a whole lot since Vanilla but is a lot more streamlined now (including having moved Abercrombe over to that half of the zone). And then there's the Raven Hill half, which is almost all new. In particular, the story of Sven Yorgen and Jitters gets moved forward from its previous incarnation and had one of those (somewhat) subtle moments in it that, as a lore-whore, I am all about.

And then, there's the craziest of crazies. Never in my life did I think I'd utter these words.

I love STV.

I used to do everything I could to avoid this zone. It was the nightmare marathon from 30-45. The only reason you went there is because your alternatives were Desolace and the Badlands...which were, somehow, inexplicably, worse. But good lord, I hated STV.

Now, it's amazing. I actually ended up staying at my computer well past my bedtime last night because I didn't want to stop. It's so streamlined. And the story...oh man. The story.

The highlight of the zone (so far) has to have been trying to guide the little raptor out of ZG. Cute overload. If you're the squee type, you have to quest through the zone. It will become one of your favorites.

The story of what's going on in ZG dominates the zone. I love Troll lore. I think it's some of the most fascinating in the game. Has been for a long time.

Also, I'm way too geeked out to finally figure out what the hell that blue rock is. I just got down to Booty Bay (the last hub down there) so I haven't figured it out yet. But seriously, so excited.

And one of the first quests you pick up in BB alludes to something a little bit mysterious about the little Goblin port. I want to see where that goes...

I've heard the new Redridge is equally amazing, but I leveled straight past it while doing everything else. I'll have to save it for another time.

Now I'm all anxious to start taking Shaetano through Kalimdor to see what's new over there.

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  1. Underworld.

    You need to do the same thing on the horde side at some point. The troll starting stories are supposed to be kick ass and the undead stuff is off the hook.