Monday, February 28, 2011

5 min Jager break...

Over a week of silence on this blog? Craziness.

Last week was a pretty chaotic one for me. I was pushing hard at work to finish up the project that's been taking most of my office time. And on the home front I was busy making final preparations for the ski weekend that me and a couple of my buddies run every year, and then actually going on said ski weekend. This year we had 35 people. It makes for a very fun, but very stressful four days.

What's amusing to me is how often my mind wandered off and started comparing the trip to leading raids. Or, in a broader sense, a guild.

First, we have limited space on the trip and want to make sure it gets filled with the right amount of people. It's cool that you want to come and just hang out, and we do like you...but this is a ski trip. We want to keep as many spots open as possible for people that actually plan to ski.

Alternately, either drama tends to follow you around, or nobody going on the trip knows who you are. We want to keep things comfortable for everyone, so it isn't really going to work out having you here.

We need to make sure we're stocked up on all the mats stuff we need. Food for breakfasts and dinners. Lift tickets for those without their own passes. Booze. Movies. Games. Booze. Did I already say that? We go through a lot of booze...

Who has all the gear they need already? Who doesn't and what do we need to do to help them get it?

What kind of content are people running? Greens, Blues, Blacks, Bowls/Glades? (Dungeons, Heroics, Raids, H Raids...)

Are people in the right teams? No one skis alone.

Which "officers" oversee cooking? Cleaning? Each of the houses people are staying in? General behavior?

How do we get everyone up on the mountain? Who managed to get themselves there and who needs a summon?'s a little geeky. Or a lot geeky. But little thoughts like that help alleviate the stress and make the whole thing a lot more enjoyable.
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