Friday, June 3, 2011

Picture Day!

Just some of the screenshots I've collected over the last couple months.

The werewolves can now breathe underwater. We're boned.

One of the only helmets I've seen that don't look absolutely ridiculous on Worgen.

Yes, I have both the Sparkle Pony and Running Wild. But it's a werewolf riding a giant, armored saber cat. How metal is that?

Wolf totem.

Speaking of totems, Earthmender Duarn decided to vent some of his frustrations while I was busy fighting Iso'rath.

This is the kind of quest I can really get behind!

In order to make the 31-point Demonology talent more appealing, a stealth component has been added. (Not really.)


Take two conversations, equal parts awesome, and mix together...

Prince Thunderaan down. Guild achievement imminent.

Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure that's not the proper duration on Mend Pet. (This happens whenever I have him out in groups. Also, anyone have a good name for a worm?)

I finally got the last piece (robe) of my Priest's Tier 6 set. And a shiny mace for the finishing touch. Looks soooo good.

This happened while waiting for a raid member that dc'd.

More Guild Firsts (in chronological order):


Double Dragons

Ascendent Council

We made damn good progress on Cho'gall last night. I fully expect him to die Monday.
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