Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Impending buyer's remorse

I almost made this part of yesterday's post because it's the internal debate that raged around this dilemma that led to the revelation I discussed yesterday. However, in the interest of trying to keep one post about one topic, I felt these two should be separated.

This past weekend while running ICC, I broke the 60 Frost Emblem mark on San again. It's time to start seriously thinking about what my next gear purchase might be. I'm at the place where I feel like I have two options.

1) I can buy my tier gloves.

Pros: Doing so, combined with the information I presented yesterday, would get my my 4-piece set bonus for my Bear (I already have the Legs, Chest, and Shoulders) and my 2-piece set bonus for my cat (as I'd do all the necessary re-gemming to share the chest and and gloves).

Cons: The gloves do drop from VoA, which I run weekly, although I'm dependent on the RNG and group composition when it comes to getting them. Granted, I rarely have Feral competition even in 25-man. But if they do drop after I've bought them, then I've kinda wasted 65 Emblems. If it weren't for this fact, it'd be a no-brainer.

2) I can buy the Primordial Saronites needed to craft the Footpads of Impending Death.

Pros: I'm still using the Footwraps of Vile Deceit for tanking, so these boots would be a huge and very needed upgrade.

Cons: I'd need to spend the Emblems of both my 80's to get all the Saronites I need, which means it'll be a while before my Shaman sees any Emblem upgrades. Plus I don't get two different tier-set bonuses this way. And I hate the general idea of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

On the other hand, I don't play my Shaman much in ICC. Tier 9 is treating him pretty well. And if I can just get the occasional ICC drop on the rare occasions that I do heal it, it should be sufficient for his role.

Yes, I could just buy the Primordial Saronites off the AH. I know. But, like I mentioned in my Pre-Cata Goals post last week, I'm a gold-miser. And the thought of spending that much gold for one piece of gear...just can't do it. Not an option.

I could go with the noob's method and find gear spreadsheets and/or simulators and plug-and-play with pieces of gear and configurations. But that's not quite my style. It feels too much like work.

So instead I'm going to solicit debate. None of which will ultimately help me make a decision (probably), but if I can get people to agree with each decision then at least I can assuage some of the guilt from either decision by claiming I had support in making it.


  1. A bird in hand....get the gloves and be happy with your shiny new set bonuses. They could take months to drop in VOA.

  2. Despite all my figuring and calculating and simulating, I got impatient. After the legs didn't drop from Festergut, I threw all my resources into the Bladeborn Leggings.

    Now if the legs drop next time in, I'll be ticked off.