Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Might as well just move in

So, somewhat related to last night's doom-and-gloom introspection...

It's shaping up to be a really busy week for me. I'm going to be spending every night in ICC in various forms.

Monday night we put together a guild 10-man run comprised of toons (mostly alts) that didn't get saved when we ran 2 concurrent 10-mans the previous Friday. That group was able to clear up through the Ugly Bros (Fester and Rot). Since San tanked one of the Friday runs, I was there healing on Dal.

Since our officers had (loosely) decided to slow down and focus on 10-mans for a while, I had tapped one of my guildies that ran 25's with a pretty reliable and consistent pug group to start going in there on San. Well, our officers decided to give a guild 25 run another shot this weekend. Being that I'd have to save San for that, I was able to finagle an invite for Dal instead.

It was a pretty good two nights for Dal. Remember how in my buyer's remorse post I mentioned that I'd be happy getting the occasional upgrade when I could. Well, when it rains, it pours, I guess. Here's what he picked up in just two nights:

Deathspeaker Disciple's Belt
Ice-Reinforced Vrykul Helm
Nobundo's Handguards of Conquest (Purchased because the helm upgrade cost me my 4pT9 bonus)
Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff (Overall not so good for Resto Shams, but it was going to be DE'd otherwise and it was an upgrade over what I was using: Argent Resolve and the Temple Crystal Fragment)
Ashen Band of Greater Wisdom (Yay, rep!)
Holiday's Grace

Linked Scourge Vertebrae
Taldron's Long Neglected Boots
Abomination Knuckles
Leggings of Northern Lights

Yeah...I know, right? I felt bad getting all those 10-man upgrades, but it's not like I was rigging the loot tables. I passed on anything that anyone else wanted on that run, but the only thing that cost me was Lockjaw.

Tonight we'll be starting a guild 10-man progression group with the goal of getting Putricide and maybe Lana'thel this week. That group will be running Saturday and Sunday in addition to tonight.

Thursday will (hopefully) be a continuation of last night's 25-man pug.

Friday will (hopefully) be our guild ICC 25.

So, yeah...7 nights, 7 trips into ICC.

Guess I can't complain about not finding enough time to raid anymore...

Oh, and since I reference the buyer's remorse post...I did end up getting the tier gloves on San. The agreement I made with myself was to try VoA that week to see if I got lucky with drops. If I did, I would have had enough badges to get the Primordial Saronite for the boots. If not, I'd just buy the gloves and be content.
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