Monday, July 12, 2010

Fraps issues...any input?

On Thursday night I downloaded Fraps while mid-run in ICC in order to attempt to make a video explaining how to drive the Abom during the Putricide encounter. We're starting to do more alt/non-progression runs with more success, meaning people other than me need to know how to do that. Being that it's such an integral part of the fight, and that it's rather difficult to just explain, I wanted to make a video showing how it's done.

We went through the encounter, I recorded the pull, Phase 1, and a few rounds of ooze spawns in Phase 2.

After that, I just let the recording sit for a while.

Yesterday, I finally took up the task of solo killing Slad'ran that Saffron put before me almost two months ago. I figured I'd give this the Fraps treatment as well, to show how I did it, rather than just explain.

So off I went into GD, did the prep work, started recording, and did the deed.

I wasn't doing much else at the time, so I figured I'd see how the vids turned out and look in to how I was going to edit/narrate them. Only when I went into the Fraps movie directory...

There were about six different clips in there. (There should have only been four.) They ranged anywhere from 4 seconds to 30 seconds in length. The two biggies, which should have been a few minutes each, were cut very, very short.

Is this because I'm using an unregistered version? I see on the Fraps site, there's an option to register which includes the ability "to record as long as you like." I guess 30 seconds is the cutoff time for Fraps Free?

Or is there some threshold at which Fraps will say "Hey! You're overloading your processor. I'm stopping."

Any input here from those of you who are familiar with the program?

Additionally, if the solution is to register the product, do people feel it's worth the $40? Is it generally a reliable product?

And being that I'm not exactly on the bleeding edge of progression, would readers be interested in me making videos of boss strats, rather than just talking about them?


  1. The non-registered (free version) only records for 30 seconds.

  2. The paid version is well worth the money if you're going to be doing any kind of real recording. As BearChat confirmed, 30sec in the max you can record with the free version.