Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Male Worgen to Human Hair and Beard Charts

Zel pointed out in my comments yesterday that the internet lacked a complete guide to mappings between Worgen and Human features. There were some partial ones, but since the Barber shops have more options than the creation screens, none of them were really complete. You're only able to access Barber chairs in Worgen form, so it's pretty much a change-and-check system to see what it looks like in the Human form.

I had a little time last night, so I put together the Male portion of said chart. (I don't have a Female Worgen or Human with which to do the counterparts, but I may be able to find the time to fix that, or at least get some help from someone who does.)
Update: Female charts are here!

Anyway, here are the Male charts at least.

All screenshots were taken with the WoW Model Viewer. Above each screenshot I've included the name of the style as it appears while you're in the Barber chair, as well as the # of the matching setting in the Model Viewer. This gives you a couple ways to actually see them in 3D if you want to.


Changing hairstyles on the Worgen affects the mane and "tails". They map to specific human hairstyles. There is one Worgen hair-style (Mane) that doesn't actually appear in the Model Viewer as a hairstyle. Instead it seems to be represented by turning hair display off.

Click for full size.


Changing beard (facial hair) styles on the Worgen affects the hair on the chin and under the muzzle near the neck, as well as ear size and shape. The Model Viewer has 23 different beard styles for the Worgen, but only 9 are available to players in the barber shops. I think I matched them all up properly.

Click for full size.


  1. Oh this is AWESOME. I can't wait for the female version!

  2. Totally irrelevant, but the 'Fabulous' hairstyle made me laugh out loud, both because of the name and the inherent lack of fabulousness.

  3. In my notes I called it "seagull wave" because the first thing I thought of when I saw it was Mike Score from Flock of Seagulls...

  4. Thank you for posting this! Was looking all over the place and even doing trial and error. Glad to see someone put in the effort and even screenshots : )

  5. brennus-darksorrow-euJanuary 7, 2011 at 4:43 PM

    if its any use , sit in the chair as worgan , (you'll see the barber window with hair options as normal) , then type /transform , you'll be able to preview everything in human form ..easy :)

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