Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Character Habits

I have this habit with every character I've rolled since 3.0 was dropped before Wrath.

I create them, go through the starting zone, and then immediately hit the closest (or most convenient) big city with a barber shop and check out all the hair styles that weren't available upon character creation.

More often than not, I find one I like better than the original options.

Grevioux is currently resting in Darnassus. The next time I log into him, the very first thing I'm doing is jumping on the boat to Stormwind. Gonna get my harr did!

Do you have any crazy habits around your new chars?


  1. Every toon of mine that I plan to have stick around gets a pink shirt. [If I'm just rolling one to see a starting area they don't.. but eh].

  2. Haha I do that with the hair too. Sometimes I like a "new" style better, sometimes not. Sometimes the styles unavailable at char creation are so COMMON that I don't want to use it.

    I just did the barber thing with my worgen druid and hot damn it was expensive to find a combo that looked good in (1) worgen form (2) human form (3) cat form and (4) bear form... especially since you're not able to preview the changes in human form (There's no comprehensive hair chart for worgen-to-human conversions online, I looked). Ugh, why is it that the cat form I like has a creepy bear form counterpart?

  3. Why can't you get his hair did at the barber shop in Darnassus? Better rates in Stormwind?

  4. Better availability in SW. There isn't one in Darn. Or Exo or TB or (most ironically) SM.

    SW, IF, Org, UC, and Dal are the only cities that have them. If you want yer harr did in Outland you gotta go to Area 52 or Cosmowrench...

  5. This sounds like a project. I'm on it.

  6. Heh. One of the first things I do to my all my toons is remove their shirt...

  7. Now, don't get me wrong, there are a few charts on the correlation between worgen (human form) hair color and druid fur color. But I could not find a complete correlation chart between worgen form hairstyle and human form hairstyle. There are some partial ones based on the char creation screen.