Monday, November 8, 2010

Draenei Running Wild

I spent most of this past Saturday running around Stonetalon and Ashenvale with my partner on a couple of our low-level alts. We managed to climb from 24 to 30, so it was a marathon, but a lot of fun.

At one point in the afternoon I looked away from my screen for a moment and then turned back and noticed something was odd.

"Are you mounted?" I asked him.

He stopped. "Yeah. Why?"

The only response I could muster was "Uhh..."

He turned around to look at my screen, raised a brow, then started running again. We stared for a moment and then started cracking up.

"You have to screenshot that," he said.

"Screenshot nothing. I'm Frapsing this. Hang on."


  1. Haha, classic glitch. I've seen this a couple of times now, especially more frequently since 4.0.1

    Yesterday I was taking a break from scrambling on my druid to finish up pre-cataclysm achievements to play my disc/shadow priest (level 72 now) and I was flying around Borean Tundra on my Magic Carpet, I dismounted before actually landing on the ground and for the rest of the time before the LFD queue popped I was swimming everywhere. Including when I was casting spells, drinking, standing idle, pretty much anything. Very comical.

  2. This is actually the first time I've ever seen this bug in all the years I've been playing. I have seen that swimming one a couple times. It happens at times when I shift out of flight form while still moving.

    I've also become an expert at getting my mounts to take off and fly while still showing the standing-on-the-ground animations.

  3. I haven't seen this bug, but last night I saw something strange - at the Broken Front in Icecrown, the Frostbrood Skytalons were all flying at normal speed, but were flapping their wings about 10x faster than normal. With the entire animation sped up, it kind of makes them look like slow-motion undead hummingbirds.

    Glitches are funny like that. :)

  4. Haha, yes! I had my priest "skating" around on his undead horse in Dalaran last night. Hilarious!

  5. Apparently that's been happening since the patch, though I hadn't seen it until this past weekend. (I haven't been spending much of my time in game randomly traveling around.) My partner made mention of the "hummingbirds" out in Icecrown. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. So he flew out there and showed me.

    Then he told gchat that I was just now seeing it for the first time and I was teased for the next 10 minutes. Apparently I'd missed entire conversations about it. (In my defense, I was most likely leading raids at the time.)