Thursday, November 4, 2010

What happened?

Did you see it? Did you see MMO-Champ yesterday? A post was made regarding Build 13241 in the Beta. There was a lot of interesting changes listed.

Among them was something all Feral Cats should have seen coming. Our damage since patch 4.01 has should I say...a touch on the high side. Just a little. It's been nice. But I think we all knew that it would be coming back in line with other classes soon.

Yesterday in said post, there was proof of this. In the section about Druid Spell changes, there were some big hits to cat DPS. I don't know what they would have done to the overall actual damage numbers, but the coeffecient number differences were huge. We're talking in the range of "850% down to 320%" kind of huge.

I didn't see it until after I made yesterday's post. And I try to keep to one post a day. So I stopped myself from immediately talking about it. Instead I started thinking about how I could make an awesome fun post around kitties being hammered by the nerf bat.

I came up with an idea and went to work. It was a lot of fun making it happen. I get stupidly giddy about the most random things sometimes. (Ask me about Peepshi.)

So I spend all this time, I have a bunch of fun, and I'm all giddy stupid smiling. I come here to my blog to finally make this post, go over to MMO-Champ to get the numbers to post in here...

And they're gone.

I swear to high heaven they were there yesterday afternoon, but now they're gone.

I wasn't intending to actually complain about them or raise a huge fuss. I just wanted to point them out in a light-hearted way. Maybe get a laugh or two. And then wait to see what it actually did to our overall DPS before weighing in on whether or not I thought it was too much.

I mean, Blizz tends to do a good job of evening things out eventually.

So, anyway, I don't have a post today, but I still have an image. So I'm going to make the image my post. And just keep it around for the next time I can actually use it.

Click for full image

Ah, this explains it. Via Zarhym:
This is one of those moments where reading data-mined material can be sorely misleading. I talked a bit about these changes yesterday here:

Most of these abilities have not changed for level 80+, however, they've been changed to scale from 1-79. As an example, Ambush deals a flat 190% weapon damage on live realms. With these changes, it now deals 90% weapon damage when first learned, and increases up to 190% again by the time you hit level 80.

We made these adjustments because healing and damage-dealing at low levels has been way too powerful. These changes will make more sense when you get into the game and see for yourself.


  1. Yeah, I saw it and had some analysis written (about how our direct-damage got nerfed, but not our bleeds, etc)...then it was wrong. :P

  2. LMFAO! That pic is too funny.