Monday, November 15, 2010

Still so much to do

Time is winding down. Predictions are that 4.03 is going to drop tomorrow. We're a scant 3 weeks away from a brand new shiny level cap.

Have you done everything you want to do? What are those last things you're scrambling to take care of?

For me, it's the AQ scepter quest chain. I started it a couple months ago, then got lazy about finishing it, and now I'm paying for it. I'm in super go-mode hoping I can get it done before a huge tidal wave crashes into Tanaris and whisks my psychic gnome quest-giver out to sea. (How does he not see this coming? Oh, right...)

Do you know how close I am? Here's a link to the quest chain.

Scroll down. Down. Further. There. The Good News and the Bad News. You see it? Yeah. That's where I am. I've got the 20 Arcanite Bars, the 10 Blue Sapphires, and the 10 Azerothian Diamonds. Those took about 2 hours of farming out in Un'goro Basin Crater. (Prospecting FTW!) And thanks to a few generous guildies who came with me into BWL yesterday, I now have 6 of the 10 Elementium Ingots. (Seriously...had 6 drop in one run.)

If I can get those last 4, I expect the rest of the chain to take an hour. Tops.

I'm hoping--praying, really--that I have until 4.03a to finish the chain. I need one more run through BWL and I don't know if I'm going to have time to do it tonight. (I have alts, but I'd need to attune them to get in and do the run, and I'm scheduled to help out with an ICC 10 run tonight that's 10/12.)

My other goal is to get my Tauren Warrior to Outland. He's 54 now, so I'm really damn close.

When I expressed this desire to my partner, he asked why I wanted to do that. My response?

"You've noticed the earthquakes, right? I want off this damn rock before the shit hits the fan!"

He gave me a patronizing pat on the head and then walked away to let the dogs out. I continued my quest to defeat Ganon Blazerunner and reclaim the Triforce Golden Flame. (I had to call in some help for that. Turns out needing to use an OH item to continuously dispel his knockback barrier doesn't work out so well for an Arms Warrior. The large bear bone I had in my bags proved to be an inadequate substitute for my axe.)

Lastly, I'd like to get one more group of guildies their Kingslayer titles. We have about 8 or 9 that put in a lot of work over the last year to help our main group get to and through the Lich King, but haven't been a part of the LK kills we've gotten so far.

And then, of course, there's finishing up the Rusted Proto-Drake run (damn you, Yogg-Saron!), finishing ToGC (which we tried for the first time last night, got to Anub, but not through), and maybe squeezing in some time to try killing Algalon. Granted, that last one shouldn't be too hard, since we can only devote an hour to it...
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