Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heirlooms and Spirit Beasts

As I have most weekends as of late, I spent this past one (at least the days, nights are raid time) working on Grevioux.

I've started several Hunters of the course of my WoW time, but was never really able to get into the class. My last Hunter, Ultanan, was a fun diversion, but ultimately that's all he was. I still wasn't having enough fun with him to really work hard at leveling him. And once they announced Worgen as a playable race, I knew I'd be making a Worgen Hunter to see all the new content with. Any desire I had to work on Ultanan died at that point.

But while I'm finally having fun with a Hunter in general, and leveling through the new old world was an absolute blast, the moment I hit Outland, it turned back into a grind. Even moreso in Northrend.

About halfway through Dragonblight, I had an epiphany. Just because I had no intention of using heirloom gear to speed up 1-60 leveling doesn't mean I couldn't strap it on the second I hit Outland to help push through the next 20 levels.

I do have an inherent reason to get Grevioux to 85...he's the closest in the guild to reaching the requirements for the Classy achievement. But more than that, I really am having fun playing him.

Anyway, I sent him the heirloom gear that used to belong to Ultanan. I also purchased the (ugly, ugly) chest with some of my extra JP as well as the cloak.

The rest of Northrend just flew by. On Saturday, with the help a full helping of Rested XP bonus, I sped through 5 levels. Sunday I got 3.5 more. He's about 40% of the way through Vashj'ir (just did the first quests as the Battle Maiden) as it stands and halfway from 81 to 82.

The best part of the whole weekend, though, came Saturday night.

See, the reason for my renewed interest in trying the Hunter class came with the release of Wrath. Loque'nahak.

From the moment I saw the first screenshot of that pet, I said, "That's awesome. I want it."

This was before I ever quested through Zul'Drak and saw Har'koa. Readers of my blog should be well acquainted with my feelings towards her. Her presence only fueled my desire to have a Hunter with Loque'nahak at his beck and call.

While questing through Sholazar I would occasionally swing out of my way to check the nearby areas where Loque'nahak could be found, but had no luck.

Saturday night I was sitting around in the Dwarven District, waiting for some of my raiders to finish a Heroic run with one of our best healers who got late start in Cata and is still trying to gear up and learn the new style. I figured, just for the hell of it, I'd log over to Grev and fly around to see if I could get lucky.

It's funny, because I did a few things I don't usually do. I'd cleared my creature cache earlier that day so that NPCScan would have fresh data to work with. I figured that would be enough.

Just to be sure, though, before leaving Nesingwary's camp, I also turned on Track Beasts because I remember reading that it lets the spirit beasts (which are neutral) pop up as a yellow dot among a bunch of red ones. Makes them easier to spot.

So I mounted up and flew to the first potential spawn area, just south of the camp. Of course, that area is filled with Longneck Grazers, which are also neutral. My mini-map was a sea of yellow.

NPCScan hadn't gone off, so I started heading to the next spot. Right before I left--and I have no idea what compelled me to do this--I waved my mouse over my mini map. In the brief flash of creature names, I saw it.


It took me about 30 seconds to find him on my mini-map again, go land near him, and tame him.

He's mine!

Seriously, I didn't stop smiling for about 40 minutes. I was way too excited about this.

Now there's just one problem. I have no idea what to name him.

I've considered sticking with his actual name. I do like it and it's better than anything I've been able to think of so far. But it just feels...unoriginal to keep it.

But for now, until I stumble on something I like, it's just Grevioux and Spirit Beast.

Spirit Beast: 100% more awesome looking in dark caves
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