Thursday, March 10, 2011

Picture Day!

Here's a random collection of screenshots I've taken of the last few months. Sorry about the uber-low-res preview versions. I didn't have time to use PS to actually make them, so I had to settle for Photobucket's editor...which liked to use low-res versions of my images for editing. Click any of them for full-size/hi-res.

Ran across this guy while questing through the new Stranglethorn. I lol'd.

This is my Ogre disguise. There are many a few none quite like it, but this one is mine.

I picked these gloves up while questing through Northrend. I just felt that they looked amazingly cool on a Worgen.

Our (Dwarf) tank wasn't feeling very pretty. A little makeup and some accessorization took care of that.

Bind Elemental might just be the coolest looking spell in the game right now.

Can you spot what's wrong with this picture? I'll give you a hint. Lightning Shield orbs and Flametongue Weapon trails are usually "attached" to something...

Wolf-head helms on Worgen just look...wrong.

Obligatory Guild-First Kill Section (in chronological order):



Conclave of the Winds

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

Omnitron Defense System



  1. I looked at the killshot pictures and was all "Ack! You have a PedoTree!" I guess all the druids I run with - myself included - Glyphed that thing so fast I never had to suffer through the ugly

  2. As a raid leader, I really like Jimi Hendrix tree. It's very easy to spot and lets me know when my (Druid) healers are popping their cooldowns to get through stuff.

    This is especially important when I'm saying to myself "they shouldn't need to be doing that to get through this phase/ability/whatever...what's going wrong?"

  3. The reason it's not glyphed (yes that's me in the pictures) is for two reasons. First, so people can see more easily when I have the cooldown popped.

    Second, because the animation on Wrath in that form is AWESOME. And yes, I do use it from time to time. HADOKEN!!!