Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun times in ICC

So an interesting thing (to me) happened last night.

We put together a semi-impromptu group to go run H ICC to try and get the guild achieve for a H LK kill and to make some inroads on getting people their Frostwrym mounts. Initially the invite only went out to people who were Kingslayers before Cata dropped (because I had no idea how difficult it was going to end up being), but when a lot of people just couldn't make it on a Sunday, we ended up pulling in people that just happened to be online so we could go. I figured, if nothing else, it would be a good way to see what we were up against for future attempts.

As we went through I gave brief descriptions of important stuff on each of the fights, but they were hasty and vague at best, especially on the later bosses. And a lot of them ended with, "I don't know what's different on Heroic mode. We'll just pull and figure it out."

Between determination and the fact that the Heroic modes are a lot more brute-forcible than I was expecting, we made a fairly rapid trip all the way up to the Frozen Throne.

I think a good summation of the night was when I was trying to describe the LK fight and more or less resorted to, "We're really short on time and I don't want to spend it going over this fight in detail. Just listen and be ready to react."

And everyone did. Again, we may have outgeared the fight significantly, to the point where some mechanics were trivialized. But there's other mechanics during that fight that no amount of gear can overcome. It's attentiveness and reaction only.

We didn't get the heroic kill. But out of 3 attempts, we came damn close twice. Both times we were done in by a Defile that we didn't react to quite quick enough.

But I think it speaks volumes about the raiders in that run that I can say, "just listen," and we can almost kill H LK the first time any of us have seen it in that mode, overgeared or not. And for a few raiders in that group, that's a long way to have come from when they first started running with us.

Despite the non-kill, it was still a nice high-note to end my weekend.
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