Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Raiding Progress

The last week was a pretty good one for my raiding team. On Thursday we went into BWD and managed to clear all the way up to Nef in the span of 2.5 hours. This included a one-shot of Atramedes (guild first kill, second time attempting) and a three-shot of Chimaeron (also a guild first kill, first time any of us had seen him).

The Chimaeron attempt was particularly crazy. Our first attempt was a disaster just because I didn't have a good handle on the tank swapping mechanic. Once I saw it (and failed it), it was pretty easy to figure out. But that attempt lasted about 30 seconds.

Our second attempt was a little smoother, but something went wrong at the end of a Feud and wiped half our raid, including all 3 healers. We may have spread back out too quickly, but I'm honestly not completely sure what happened.

The third attempt was smooth sailing through the first phase. And for a moment it looked like we were going to hit the 20% mark and get into Phase 2 during a Feud, which would have been glorious.

Then I made the mistake of sharing our good fortune over Vent.

Instead of hitting Phase 2 during the Feud, we came up just shy an instead hit it right after a Massacre.

For those of you unfamiliar with Chimaeron, Massacre reduces everyone's hit points to 1. (That's not the actual ability, but that's how it works out 99% of the time.) When Phase 2 hits, all healing is reduced by 99%. Can you see how this might be troublesome?

I swore. In Vent. Which is a no-no in our guild. But I couldn't help it.

I was just about to call for the wipe, but then something miraculous happened. About 5 seconds had gone by and most of us were still alive...including me. I still figured we were doomed, but at that point it was worth trying.

I popped Survival Instincts and--out of little more then muscle memory--Frenzied Regeneration. The healing portion of FR didn't do anything, as expected. But I did still get the 30% increased HP ceiling and the instant 30% HP refill. For me, that's a little over 67K health.

I think I also hit a crazy luck streak with the RNG. I'll have to check the parses, but I had to have dodged a bunch.

Somewhere around 6% we were still going and our uber-tree pipes up on Vent, "San is a GOD."

Damn right.

We got the kill. Nailed with a Massacre right before Phase 2 and we still got the kill.

That. Felt. Good.

The night was over at that point, but we went and pulled Nefarian just for giggles.

Last night we spent 2.5 hours working on Nef. It was...rough. We only had one attempt (our last of the night) get far enough into Phase 2 to make it worth saying we got to Phase 2. But we learned at lot and I think when we get some more gear, we're going to be in a pretty good place.

That will probably be our last set of tries on Nef for a while. I think we're going to focus on gearing up a little more first. But if we can get 5/6 BWD in one night and then head over to BoT and make some good progress on the second night, it won't be too long.
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