Friday, May 20, 2011

Random thoughts on Aspects

Have you seen the new Nozdormu model yet? Blizz is gettin' serious with their Aspects.

I'd hit it.

What's more interesting, though, is the fact this marks the first time since WoW's inception that Nozdormu is more than a whisper or an apparition. His whereabouts (and whenabouts) have been a complete mystery for the last 6+ years. No one's really sure what he's been up to.

Clearly the choosing of a new Aspect is a good reason to finally show up. It's probably one of the most profound events in Azeroth's history. Certainly unprecedented. But I have to wonder how he's going to be welcomed. And what kind of questions is Alexstrasza going to have for him? Afterall, there's evidence that suggests he's responsible for, if not leading, the Infinite Dragonflight.

Each expansion has had little bits of Infinite lore scattered about. In Vanilla it was the time distortions in Andorhal. In BC we got Durnholde and the Black Morass. And, to a lesser degree, Hyjal Summit. In Wrath it was the Bronze Dragonshire and Old Stratholme.

Could Nozdormu showing up now be a lead-in to the rumored Caverns of Time: War of the Ancients raid we've been hearing about? Is this story going to be coming to a head soon?

Should be interesting to see how long he sticks around.

Also, on the topic of picking a new Aspect...

For as unprecedented as it is in the thousands and thousands of years that Azeroth has been around, it's something that's going to play out again in the very near future. There's little question that we're going to be killing Deathwing. The Earth Aspect will soon be no more. (You can argue he hasn't been for a while.)

Who's going to step up and lead the cruel, arrogant Black Dragonflight? Can you think of any Black Dragon you've come across in game that you would want in charge? Have you seen any (beyond Nef and Ony) that would even qualify?

Of course, rumors are that Thrall will get the job. Wouldn't that be interesting? A mortal from another world becoming an Aspect. Is it possible? Can an aspect be not-a-dragon? What would Varian have to say about that? (Hopefully, "I give up. Anduin, you're in charge now.")

And I kind of wonder...will Nozdormu be next on the replacement list? (Chromie, you're up.)
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