Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Light help me...

One of the big achieves my guild has been going for is Stay Classy. We've had a thread on our forums since early February tracking our progress and keeping people in the loop about what we still need.

As of right now, we're actually very, very close. We're only missing 7 total race/class combos and many of those are 80 or above already. A few of them are either already Honored or already 85, and so they just need to complete the second half of the achieve requirements.

The two glaring exceptions at this point are Worgen Priest (though we have a couple people working on them now) and Gnome Warrior. I've taken up this latter portion of the challenge now that Maeniel is at 450 Enchanting and is effectively functioning as my mats factory.

Meet Sanele. (The random name gen found the name...after almost 10 minutes of names I'd never use. I couldn't pass it up.)

I've decided that, similar to Dinaer's Mage experiment, I'm going to level Sanele through dungeons. To lower my queue times and hopefully make this a relatively quick trip, I've decided I'm going to do it as a tank.

I'm really not sure what I'm in for here. I've never tanked anything level-appropriate prior to Kara. With the exception of going in for the achieves, I haven't even set foot in most of the pre-BC dungeons since...well...pre-BC. They're more than half the reason I almost quit the game while still in the mid-40s. Gnomeregan broke my spirits in regards to dungeon running. When it looked like I was going to have to run Sunken Temple to keep advancing, I waived the white flag.

KYL is what ended up bringing me back, and what gave me motivation to figure out this whole group aspect of the game was supposed to work. I wanted to be a part of this story, and there was only one way that was going to happen.

So...yeah. I'm probably 2 hours of play time (tops) from being able to queue.

Light help me...


  1. Low level warrior tanking = the easiest and dare I saw most fun low level tanking experience one could have. All the way up to and including BC dungeons.

  2. I think my biggest hang up is that I kind of spaz out when I have to admit to a group of people I don't know (as opposed to one of guildmates) that I don't really know my way around a dungeon or any of the stuff that happens with mobs and bosses therein.  This goes doubly when tanking.

  3. For what it's worth, I went from DPSing as a rogue, feral cat and enhancement shaman to rolling a worgen tank for Cataclysm. With absolutely no experience in tanking anything save for Chillmaw when soloing TFA as a bear, I walked into my first instance on my warrior having no clue.

    I've had a blast tanking my way ever since. He's sitting at 54 and it's been awesome. Some of the more annoying (e.g. Sunken Temple) instances have been simplified (probably Gnomer, too). You're going to rock it. Until you get Cleave and Revenge, it's mostly going to be 4DPS+1healer anyway, so don't worry about it. Once you're doing Razorfen instance and Scarlet Monastery, you're going to own thereat completely.

  4. I made a macro: "Relatively new tank here, let me know if I take a wrong turn. Please let me pull, and don't start nuking until I Thunder Clap. Hunters please turn of Growl and Locks please put away your tanking pets."

    I follow it with this one too: "Heals, please tell me if I'm pulling too fast or too stupid."