Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Exp gain, warp 3. Engage.

As I've been doing recently, I spent most my weekend leveling my Priest. Via randoms and questing, I'd been going along at a pretty steady clip of a 2 levels every weekend.

Last was different.

Saturday afternoon, one of my fellow alt-in-the-70s whispered me to see if I wanted to run some BGs with him and a couple other alt-in-the-70s people in our guild. I figured it would be an exercise in futility since
  1. I was 72 at the time, so still on the lower end of the bracket
  2. I was completely decked out in PvE gear, not one bit of Resil on me
  3. Was also passing up gear with more Stam and Intel for that which boosted my damage more
  4. Alliance is notoriously bad in my battlegroup
Still, shaking things up a bit seemed like the best way to keep from getting bored doing the NR quests for the 4th time in the last 18 months and the dungeons for...I don't even want to think about it.

Over the next day an a half a group consisting of anywhere from 2 to 5 of a Shadow Priest (me), Disc Priest, Destro Lock, Assassination Rogue, and 2 Ret Pallies queued for Eye of the Storm over and over.

I played 25 matches in that span. I was in a winning game 24 of those (and the one loss was very close). We 4-capped half of them.

I was pretty consistently in the top 5 for killing blows. I racked up 950 HKs and 158 killing blows. I was killed 48 times. I went a stretch of 3 games at one point (early on) where I wasn't killed at all. I even capped a flag just because it was there. The last game I played before going to bed Sunday night yielded this result:

Top of the list, baby! Booyah!

I know I'm bragging at this point and that most of you probably don't care. You'll have to forgive me. I'm excited about it.

But anyway, back to what I was originally making this post to say.

When you spend a day and a half 3- and 4-capping EotS...holy crap, do you rake in the experience. I went from 72 to 76 in that time. And as you can see in the screenshot above, I'm damn near 77. I could probably spend one more day doing that and hit 80 (although I doubt the stars will ever align so nicely for the Alliance in my battle group again).

Now, granted, the nice part about the whole thing was that our little group of guildies were rockin' it together. We pretty much stuck together the whole time, roaming from base to base and having our way with things. There were only a few times we got absolutely stonewalled. Even with as much winning as was going on, the part that kept it truly fun was running with those guys all weekend. So my hats off to them for getting me to try something different.

But if you're in a battle group where your faction routinely dominates...try to grab a few people and queue for those BGs. The levels will fly.
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