Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Believe.

The elusive Female Dwarf Rogue. Often disregarded as the thing of myths and legends. Reported sightings are few and far between, often confined to times of the year marked by gluttonous celebrations where one is encouraged to consume sickening quantities of food. These reports usually flood in from town centers and other high-traffic areas where the revelers tend to convene. They claim to have placed bunny ears on the elusive rogues, or else shot them with a toy gun, turning them into turkeys and making any kind of proof of their existence impossible to produce.

Even more rare is the reported sighting out in the wild. Occasionally these reports will come with shoddy images that are touted as proof--blurred and grainy as they are. More often they are tales told in pubs and around campfires; wild claims with nothing but the word of a drunkard to go on.

One reported sighting of a female Dwarf Rogue. The best Gnomish and Goblin experts were unable to draw conclusive evidence from this image.

"It doesn't even make sense," said Byron, a Tauren we spoke to on the matter. "The only place a dwarf could possibly sneak up on you is in a pub, where it's already noisy and reeks of ale. And that's assuming they aren't slumped over a table, drunk out of their minds. I have a better chance of being a rogue than a dwarf."

Sentiments weren't much different on the Alliance side. Andoral, a human that stopped to talk to us outside of the Stormwind bank had this to say: "Look, all I'm saying is that Dwarves aren't inherently the sneakiest folk around. And the women seem particularly...unadventurous. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt they're hardy people. But how often do you really see them outside of Ironforge?"

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