Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A strange feeling

So I'm back from my vacation out east. I spent 48 hours in NYC playing in a hockey tournament. (Played 4 games in that 48 hours.) A few days in CT at a friend's place trying to recover. (And trying not to get him sick with whatever I got.) And then a few days in Pittsburgh partying like a rock star with friends. (Partying in a city where none of you live...oh yeah. It's great.)

The time spent in CT is the only time during that whole trip where I had free internet and the time to actually sit around and use it. Hence why the blog's been mostly quiet for the last couple weeks.

Also during that time, obviously, there really wasn't any WoWing going on either. And you know what? I didn't really miss it...

I spend an inordinate amount of my time every week playing that game. Most of that time I'm genuinely excited to sit down and play. But now that I've been away from it for well over two weeks (I didn't have much time to play in the week leading up to my vacation, either), I'm starting to wonder if it wasn't just because I'm a creature of habit. I like stability. I like constants. Sitting down and logging in to play WoW is one of the constants in my life. At least up until June 13th. Since then, not playing has been the constant.

The itch to log in and do something that usually nags at me isn't really there right now. I arrived home from vacation Monday evening and spent the time just unwinding and watching TV with my partner. I decided to take yesterday off, just to give myself one good day to relax and settle back in before heading back to the office. It would have been the perfect opportunity to jump back into Azeroth and feed the addiction. But I didn't really feel compelled to. (Granted, the maintenance was a decent part of the reason why, and I was completely wrapped up in other things by the time it ended.)

Even as I'm sitting here in the office this morning going through 6,000 unread emails (most of them crap that my filters didn't pick up because I didn't leave Outlook running while I was gone) and setting up the next cycle's code base, I'm wondering if I'm even going to log in tonight, or if I'd rather finish pulverizing the Celts in the game of Civilization that I spent most of yesterday playing. Or maybe just watch a movie or something. I dunno.

I don't think I'm done with WoW. Not by a long shot. And definitely not with Cataclysm around the corner. I'm still very much looking forward to that. But for right now...I'm just kinda indifferent. It's a strange feeling. One that I haven't really felt in 3 years...


  1. Everyone goes through phases like this. I game swap or just stay away from my computer for weeks at a time. Eat discovered that college is fun. Azucar got a finacee. Mhaya got a shiny new job. Sollan is the king of all game breaks.

    There are a buttload of fun looking summer movies. Also, dude you live in a magnificent place, go the frig outside.

  2. Dont worry about taking a break. Its good for people. =) Have fun during the time your away. and see ya when your back

  3. It's actually a good sign, it means that you play because you have fun, but you're not "locked" into the game and can take advantage of better pastimes when they show up. If this causes you to leave WoW it'll be for something better, so you should have no regrets :)