Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Bear's Guide to RS: Halion (Twilight Realm)

So I didn't work up the motivation this weekend to finish my Tanking Discussions series. But fear not. The whole weekend wasn't an entire wash.

We failed to get our scheduled 25-man run off the ground Saturday night (only 15 logged in) so I got together a mix of our progression and non-progression raiders and headed into Ruby Sanctum.

Earlier this week I put together a new computer. Among the various things I can do now that I couldn't before is capture quality video (Fraps) while not completely destroying my frame rate. I decided to use the Halion fight as a test to see how it works.

Here are the results:

I'm thinking of doing more things like this in the future. Let me know what you all think.


  1. This is really well done San! Like. Amazing job on it. I could never do a video like this.... People dont like my Dwarfnessness.

  2. I envy your computer power, maybe once I get a better video card I'll attempt the same thing. You did it very well and you've encouraged me to give it a shot as well.

    Keep up the great work and love your blog!

  3. This was really well done and I got to see everyone dropping the stuff on my butt. Time for me to find a new place to shoot

  4. lrn2keybind

    lol just kidding. Nicely done! It looks so easy when you show it.

    My computer runs WoW great, but when trying fraps it drops to about 0.5 fps. Someday...

  5. I should keybind, I know. I just don't want to start the learning curve over. This works for me. really is kind of easy. Especially after the first one. It can be tricky, it just so happened that positioning was really good in this attempt. I've had it go much worse. It also took us a fair number of wipes for me to figure it out, if you recall. :-)