Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Because adding "Eht" would have been silly

Meet Hotahinahu.

SMASH! Er...I mean...hi.

He's that Tauren Warrior I've been talking about a lot, recently. And playing a lot recently, too. This is him, not long after having dinged 30.

He also happens to be the Guild Leader of <Snogard>.

Wait, what?! Guild Leader? But what about my awesome Feralness, Saniel.

It's cool. San's still alive and kickin'. So are Daluaan and Siaaryn.

We found out that many of us in <The Dragons> had Horde alts that we played infrequently, if at all. And there were more who wanted to see things from the Horde side but just hadn't taken the plunge yet.

A large part of the reasons why are that we're a pretty social guild. It's pretty much the foundation of our guild. We have a lot of different people with a lot of different interests. But in the end, what keeps us going is that we genuinely enjoy each other's company while playing the game. Leaving that all behind to level a toon on the Horde side felt unappealing or unfun.

Once we realized how many people felt that way, though, we decided to do something about it. A bunch of us jumped over to our alts and formed <Snogard>. See, it's "Dragons" backwards. Because it's like seeing things from the other side. Get it? Yeah. Even our guild Tabard is the mirror/negative of our Alli one. Same logo, same border, colors reversed. (Epic win also goes to our uber-mage. All her Alli toons have names that start with "Ever." So, naturally, her Horde toon's name starts with..."Never.")

When figuring out who was going to lead up the charge to get this new guild together, our illustrious GL called "not it" so fast I worry that he might have strained his AMD reaching for the PTT key. I felt pity, so I volunteered.

And that's how I became the GL of a Horde guild.

Right now the plan is to reserve <Snogard> for Horde alts of members of <The Dragons>. We're not looking to make it a separately managed/independent guild. And we're definitely not looking to have it replace <The Dragons>. Even those of us with toons in <Snogard> are still spending more time on the Alli side than not.

That said, <Snogard> is seeing a decent amount of activity now (with end-of-content boredom creeping in). There's frequently at least one person over there doing stuff and last night there were about 7 of us doing different things.

I'm pretty sure that once Cata is released it's going to be almost deserted until people are looking for something different to do again. But for now it's a nice diversion and a great place to be able to play on the other side of the war and still manage to do it with the people we call friends.


  1. I'm actually toying with the idea of moving all my horde characters to a separate account and moving them to Sen'Jin. I also toy with the idea of staring at my bank balance. I may just move my undead priest and make me an alt. I dunno.

  2. OMG! I am a maroon...I totally missed that it was dragons backwards as well as the tabard thing. LOL that is great. I am playing my Undead Priesty and enjoying things from the horde side. That said I just got addicted to my new Alliance Pally I just started. Level 15 in no time...geez they are OP!

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