Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keyword Analytics!

So I'll admit it, I'm kind of stat counter obsessed. Every morning I check to see what kind of traffic my blog got in the last 24 hours, how the month as a whole is shaping up, where people have been coming from, and what searches are leading them to my blog.

This last is, at times, the most fun. A lot of it is pretty typical search keywords. Some things are just easy questions to answer. And then some things show up that are just truly...special.

Let's take a look at some...

how many stacs should i taunt in icc 10 saurfang normal
I think one person is hitting my site over and over with this one search term. Or (s)he's shared the google link with others. Because it's responsible for a fair chunk of hits and the bad spelling doesn't show up in Google's autocomplete.


Regardless, the answer is 0...because there's nothing in this fight that stacks.

When you DO taunt is when the other tank gets Rune of Blood.

Stacks? Seriously? Unless you're thinking of Blood Power. But...yeah. No.

is primal precision needed bear tank
Needed? No. But unless you're over the parry/block expertise cap with gear, it is helping your threat. And if you're under the Dodge cap (6.5%) then you definitely want it.

icc 10 man stinky and precious when to taunt
Have the 2nd tank taunt when the first reaches 6 stacks or so. Then each tank should taunt back each time their stacks drop.

taunt lady deathwhisperer
I tried, but I couldn't get a word in edgewise.

dpsing festergut as a bear
Don't. Festergut is a DPS race and you need to be putting out as much DPS as you possibly can. If you're not getting enough stacks of Inoculation to easily survive the Pungent Blight (exhale) then you need to examine your group's execution, not shift forms.

why are feral druids switching to bear for festergut
'Cause they're doing it wrong.

where get jetpack gunship
For the Alliance...from the goblin next to Muradin. I assume there's one near Saurfang for the Horde peeps.

icc gunship battle how to use rocket pack
First you have to get it. Then you have to equip it (this step is important). Then you can use it.

when is cata coming out
When it's done.™

how to arrange groups in icc 25
1 through 5 usually works for my guild.

how to get to saurfang without going into icc
Nobody gets to Saurfang. He gets to you.

level 78 draenei hunter talent tree
I'm not even sure how this led to my blog.

do i get to keep my gold when cata comes out?
No. Your gear goes away, too. You have to start leveling at 80 completely naked.

family bondage games
I know why this led to my blog, but I'm kind of terrified that someone was searching for it...

mangle fairie fire spam bear tank
Don't forget Swipe. That's in there, too! And Maul!

what's better nurturing instinct or improved leader of the pack
Context is best. But unless you're PvPing as Feral, the answer is pretty much always ILotP.

in ICC can u skip to dreamwalker?
From where? The beginning? No. Once you've beaten Deathbringer? Yes.

restokin spec 3.3
You'll probably have more luck over at Restokin.


  1. This was a good post - it's funny what terms bring people to your site sometimes.

    The best one I got recently wasn't a search term at all, but a link from another site, No idea what they were looking for or what they found, but when I clicked the link back to see why the hell one of my posts would be linked on their site, it didn't even work... :P

  2. I recently got a bunch of hits from which is some kind of sewing/knitting community. Had to double-take at that one...

  3. I think, or maybe hope, the family bondage had to do with your father playing. Otherwise I'm not doing a very good job keeping up with your blog.

  4. It does. And calling it Family Bondage is kind of an inside joke. Which is cool. It might be that person's inside joke too.

    But Google searching for it blurs the line between understanding what an inside joke is and it not actually being a joke...

  5. Howdy, only just caught on to your blog and reading up is always a pleasure ;)
    Just one small thing my eye fell on: the reason why ferals go bear on Festergut is to tank him for a few stacks and then go mental on the dps (so basically tank him in kittygear/spec and then get tapped out after a few seconds, hand of salvation and pewpew :P)
    I've never tried it myself, but it does sound like fun!
    Thanks for the posts, gave me some good times reading them. Durids R 4 make fun wif friends!