Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Going for my Rusted Proto

Among the various things we've been doing in our guild to help pass the end-of-content times is running a small group to try and get our Rusted Proto-Drakes from Ulduar 10.

A couple weeks ago a group of 10 of us started from scratch. In 3 hours we managed to knock off the first 10 boss achievements, leaving only Mimiron, Vezax, and Yogg. There were a couple wipes here and there (some intentional because we messed up the achievement), but it was a good night overall and I was really happy with our progress.

Yes, we massively outgeared everything, but there's still an element of execution to some of the fights that no amount of gear can help you overcome.

On Sunday night we picked back up and headed in to try and get the last 3.

Mimiron spanked us for 2.5 hours before we finally called it. We were getting close. On our second-to-last attempt we had gotten to phase 4, killed the VX-001 (body) unit, had the ACU (head) at 2%, and the MKII (feet) at 1% before the self-destruct took out the remaining members of our group. I fully suspect we needed about 5 more seconds to get it done.

It was frustrating, but only because I think I went in there expecting to pretty much waltz through everything except Yogg based on our first night of tries. I know people have said that Mimiron's hard mode may have been the hardest encounter in the game short of Yogg+0 and (later) the LK encounter. I guess now I see why. It's pure chaos. There's a steep learning curve in managing it.

Once I get my Rusted, I'm half tempted to see if I can buy a run for the Ironbound. Short of the Frost Wyrms from ICC, it's the one mount in the game I've absolutely had to have since the moment I saw it. But given the nature of my guild, I don't expect to be getting it any time soon through those means.

Then again, maybe we should try. I guess there's no harm in it...
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