Monday, September 13, 2010

I did it again

I was stuck at home today due to some doggy issues (she's fine, but needed to keep an eye on her for the day) and unable to log into work due to some other circumstances. In order to assuage my guilt over the combination of these facts, I decided to forego being lazy and spent most of the late morning and early afternoon finally putting together my Abom driving video of the Professor Putricide encounter.

This one was a lot harder than the Halion vid I did a few weeks ago. There was a lot more information I needed to convey and, therefore, a lot more places for me to stumble over my words and have to try again. The Halion video had 3 distinct voice recordings put together. This one has over a dozen.

Still, it was fun. And it taught me a lot that I'm going to have to remember if I want to keep doing these kinds of vids in the future.

This is probably the last "guide" type movie I'll be doing in the Wrath era. But depending on how things go, I may try to pick up in Cata.
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