Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Go read this. Right now.

Matthew Rossi has a gift. It's one I desperately wish I had. He's able to remember small details of stories told in small chunks over long spans of time and piece them together into a coherent larger picture.

I needed to be leveling through Northrend on my 3rd character before I finally realized that the Thassarian who is a major player in what's going on in Wrath as a whole is the same one who has a sister out in Borean Tundra that was looking for him until I was able to reunite them.

Basically, if I'm a lore whore, then Rossi is my pimp.

Anyway, he just posted one of most intriguing and insightful Know Your Lore articles to date.

Everything I was going to post today (admittedly, nothing) has now been preempted by my driving need to direct you all to read his post today.

I'm never going to get away from this game...


  1. I have a very hard time keeping random bits of floating info in my mind as I go through the game. If it doesn't make an immediate connection to something I'm already familiar with, it tends to be forgotten before I even log out.

    Thassarian is a big deal in Icecrown and you see a lot of him. Plus, between the time that Saniel went through Borean and the time Maarken did, TokyoPop released that manga that focuses on him. I never read it, but it got a lot of talk, so it cemented the name in my mind. When I finally went through Borean on Maarken, I recognized the name and made the connection.

    This is why all the KYL articles and their various WoWWiki links are key to everything I know about the Lore. Once they paint the broader picture, I'm able to keep it all in my head much, much easier.

  2. I'm not even going to mention how much time I spent on WoWWiki the summer after BC was released...

    I'll just say I've read novels in less time.

  3. Thanks San! I have just blown two hours of my morning reading Matt's great article and following WoWWiki links. So much for a productive

    A few friends recently quit the game :( but I realized that the lore is what keeps me playing. The story, the back story, twist, and turns always have me coming back for more. So while getting phat loots and beating end bosses is nice, the depth and breadth of the game keeps me enthralled.

    As a great philosopher (maybe Plato) once said... I wish I knew how to quit you.

  4. I'm shocked that it took you three alts. Will go read this later on.