Monday, August 9, 2010

Guild Firsts

We had a couple guild firsts in the last week.

On Wednesday night we got a group of about 21 together and ransacked the Black Temple. We ran it a few times as a guild back before Wrath when the 3.0 Raid "nerf" hit, and were able to get as far as Mother Shahraz.

Looking to fight some boredom, get some achievements, and just see something most of us had never seen before, we headed back to finish business.

Chillin' with Illi D

The slightly larger and more impressive feat was finally downing the Lich King in 10-man.

Our group on Thursday made really good progress. We finally got past our 60% roadblock and were making good headway. Close to the end of the night we had a 12% wipe (which is essentially a 2% wipe). We gave it a few more tries, staying later than usual to get them in, but weren't quite able to pull it together.

The same team got back together last night. 1st attempt: 60%. 2nd attempt: 30%. 3rd attempt:

King Slayers!

It was a great attempt. It's funny how something that's so difficult for so long can just click. The kill attempt was absolutely flawless. Made it feel easy (at least from my perspective).

So of course, I was all jazzed to finally see the cinematic that I'd been holding out for all this time. Yes, I essentially knew what was going to happen, but I would finally get to see it. (I know I could have used the statue in Dalaran, but I wanted to earn the right to see it before I did.)

And what happens? WoW goes to load the cinematic and...fatal error + crash. Are you serious? All this time I've been waiting to see it at the end of the climactic battle and then my WoW crashes?!

I jumped back in, waited for everyone else to finish watching, passed out loot, and then went to Dalaran to watch it from there. It just...didn't feel the same at that point.

Still, felt good to finally get that done. I think I'm going to take a week off of ICC before we start mixing things up and taking non-progression people in. Hopefully we can gear up a couple more tanks. We've been hurting lately in general, and I'm itching at a chance to go cat for a while.

The team


  1. Congrats and well done! Hope to get our team to show up stay together long to get him down as well.

  2. Thanks! You run with a pretty good crew. I'm sure if you guys stick together, you can pull it off.

    And if you need some Feral help at any point, lemme know.

  3. If you guys are short a healer give me a holler.