Friday, August 27, 2010

Showing my age

So last night one of my guild's more...linguistically-challenged individuals must have ingested a large quantity of sugar because he was on pure overdrive. And when I say "linguistically-challenged," I mean lolspeak would probably be a step in the right direction for this kid. A big step.

Anyway, it was grating me a little more than usual, when the topic of conversation turned to addons in Cata. So I made a comment that I heard Mavis Beacon was going to release an addon that would be a required install for people that wanted to access guild rewards.

The joke sailed right over the heads of more people than not.


(At least one person got it and called me her hero. So that made me happy.)


  1. LOL...I get it too. That's as bad as the reaction I get when I refer to The Green Hornet, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Time Tunnel, or Phyllis Diller....wait how did she get in there?

  2. Hammy's old.

    Can't believe I missed the fun.

  3. I am not old...I just started watching too much TV at a young age :P