Friday, October 29, 2010

One Light in the Darkness

Last night we had our first ever attempts at Yogg with anything less than all four Keepers.

The night started off very frustrating, not in the least because of people spawning extra adds in phase 1. Phase 2 was equally frustrating, as it took about half our raiding night before we saw anything that looked like progress.

Eventually people settled in the ebb and flow of the fight and we found a strat that worked inside the portal rooms (a boomkin, 2 feral druids, and a rogue going to town).

We got to phase 3 on our last attempt of the night, but one of our healers went insane and started healing the boss and adds. We were down a couple people at that point, too, and just couldn't deal with it all.

I think we have a good feel for what needs to happen now, and I think next time we go in there, we'll make relatively quick work of it. Unfortunately that's going to be about 2 weeks away as I already have some other raid stuff lined up for next week and I don't want to want to be scheduling raids five consecutive nights. Raid-leading bears need their breaks, too.

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  1. I actually found somthing out San. Supposedly Yogg is bugged. That is. Phase 1. Remember how we said like. "Sara should have died there" At one point? Well actually she was slowly gaining health. Its a bug with a few bosses in the game. Like Malygos, Illidari council, Skadi etc. But yeah. Just thought I would share the info. =)