Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Raining Accomplishments

It's been a pretty good week for me WoW-wise, even though I haven't gotten to play much.

Maarken, my DK, finally dinged 80 on Saturday. It only took 23 months. I think I need to work up another herbalist as quickly as possible so I can leave this guy in the dust. Clearly he's not holding my attention. It'll be twice as bad come 4.01 when I can't even Blood DPS anymore (which I actually kind of enjoyed before switching him over to Unholy PvP for the last 3 levels).

Later that day Hotahinahu, my Tauren Warrior, hit 40 and got his Epic riding. Questing instantly became 67% more enjoyable.

On Sunday, after nearly 100 egg-hatchings, San finally got his Green Proto-Drake.

Moments later I spotted and killed Fulgorge to complete Bloody Rare. I started actually going for the achievement a month ago in a fit of boredom. At the time I had already found 2 of the 20 mobs needed to attain it. In the span of three sittings over that weekend I nabbed 16 of the 18 remaining.

I didn't get #19 until last weekend. And Fulgorge finally showed up on my patrol route Sunday.

For my next time-wasting achievement I've started the Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline. I've so far gotten the green piece and started working on the Blue.

Also, now that I don't need the Oracles for anything, I've started repping up with the infinitely cooler puppy-men. I mean, Wolvar. Frenzyheart. Whatever. About damn time. I've always liked them better, but I wanted that damn mount first.

Yesterday, on the last day of Brewfest, I finally got lucky and looted the Brewfest Ram from Coren's keg. I want the Kodo more. But at least I have one of the two now. That brings my mount count to 110.

Despite my best efforts, I can't summon up the will to continue farming ZG or Strath for any of the 3 mounts located there. I have a feeling they may all be lost to me forever unless they're offered through some other means come 4.03. It's just such a long, boring slog...

But yeah. That's how the game's been treating me over the last week. It's almost like it knows my attention is waning and it's doing everything it can to keep its claws sunk into me.

And hey...if this is the way it wants to do that, it's fine with me. Keep it coming.

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  1. For more enjoyment, try picking up a 50-55 that you can trust to not roll on the mount for Strath. Even if you don't say much, company helps, and they also aggro things which requires you to pay attention and removes some of the mindless "stealth here, kill him, stealth there, kill her..."