Friday, February 19, 2010

All my classes

So as was mentioned in my post the other day, before settling on my Druid as my main, I tried a Hunter and a Warrior. As you can see up at the top of the page here, I currently have said Druid, plus a Shaman, Hunter, Priest, and DK.

But in four years, I've played almost everything once and I have opinions on all of it.

Druid - Obviously my favorite. I've never been anything but Feral. I spent all my initial leveling time (1-70--started in vanilla, but didn't make 60 before BC) as a Cat. It wasn't until I decided I wanted to try this raiding thing that I specced more towards the Bear side. With the advent of Dual specs I did a little happy dance because I could spec specifically for both instead of gimping a spec or my ability to perform a certain role. While more of my current time and knowledge is tuned to Bear tanking, Cat DPS is still my first love and I'd never complain about going back to it near-full time.

Shaman - The only other class I've ever gotten to max level. I do all my leveling in Enhancement, which I find to be a ton of fun. Sometimes more than Cat DPS. But my Shaman's main role (and my purpose for getting him to the level cap) was to be a back-up raid healer. I picked a Shaman because it's healing style seemed most appealing based on my limited knowledge of the different healing classes when I rolled him. I haven't been disappointed, either. Raid healing on Dal is a lot of fun and a great change of pace from the 3 melee specs I have across my two main toons.

Hunter - As mentioned in a previous post, my first toon ever was a Tauren Hunter, and it got me to buy the game for myself. As far as DPS goes I still prefer melee, but the complexities of balancing what my pet is doing along with what I'm doing is a unique mechanic that I enjoy. Plus I'll never complain about having a personal tank that takes my every order and can't sass when he dies and I'm halfway across the map running my butt off. Right now I've been neglecting my Hunter because I think it's going to be my Worgen class when I start leveling through Cataclysm, so I don't really want to spend my game time continuing to work on my current one.

Death Knight - I waited a long time after Wrath dropped to finally create my Death Knight. Initially I was only interested in playing through the starter quests. Afterall, I already had two characters that could do melee dps. Why would I need a 3rd? But the playstyle is still unique and fun. Plus it's my only 2H melee class. For the longest time, this was my unguilded "escape" toon. The one I could play when I wanted to WoW but wanted to avoid the guild for whatever reason. When I got serious about getting him to the cap, I brought him into the guild. Still haven't reached the cap, though. Been busy with ICC. I think I might eventually turn this guy into a PvP toon and use him when rated BGs drop.

Priest - Caster classes aren't and never have been my thing. No matter what game I've ever played that has the classic fantasy archetypes, I just haven't enjoyed casters. But I wanted to give them a shot in WoW. I created this toon when my partner and I (who haven't actually played together-together since the early days of BC) decided we wanted to level a couple of toons in tandem. He picked a Lock, I picked a Priest. I have to say, I've found Shadow to be a ton of fun. Though I'm sure that's due in no small part to the fact that I get to play this toon with somebody I care about. And that he brings a blueberry tank into the mix that allows us to not have to worry about silly things like survivability as we level.

Paladin - I've tried leveling a Paladin on three separate occasions. The first didn't make it out of the starter zones and was deleted. The second made it to level 10 and is now my bank alt. The third is currently level 14, and the only reason he made it that far is that I was trying to keep pace with my dad's Warrior while I had him on a trial account. This third attempt really made me understand why I can't level a Paladin. I'm sure they're a lot of fun at high levels, but in the lower range (at least as far as level 14) they're boring as hell. The only thing they really do is auto-attack and heal. I can understand that up to level 5. Maybe even 10. But by 14, combat really should be more active.

Rogue - I've tried a Rogue once. He was undead. I managed to get him to Taren Mill before I gave up and I haven't tried again. I think this is due to three factors. 1) I already have a toon that uses the Energy/Combo Point mechanic. 2) I already have a dual-wielding melee-capable toon. 3) My rogue will forever be linked with the misery I felt when trying a PvP server for the first and only time.

Warrior - As mentioned in that earlier post, my first-ever toon of my own was a Warrior. I think if I had understood the Rage mechanic more and also realized that I really needed levels to see the survivability difference between classes back then, that he might have made it as my main. Somewhat recently I did try rerolling one, but I had little incentive to work on him because I already had a Rage tank, a dual-wielding melee-capable toon, and a 2H melee-capable toon at much higher levels. Fittingly, this second warrior (just like my first) made it to Westfall before I deleted him.

Mage - Back when I was leveling Saniel through Dustwallow, I was amazed as I watched a Frost Mage pull and kill packs of almost a dozen spiders, all higher level than him. Drink, repeat. As a toon that had to go through my targets one at a time, I was floored by this. I wanted to try. I don't think I made it to level 8. Too much drinking and too much dieing for my tastes.

Warlock - This is the only class to date that I haven't even tried. And I honestly don't have any real desire to do so. Maybe someday, if I'm bored. But I still have more that I want to accomplish with my active toons than I have time to accomplish it.


  1. Oh my various hunter pets get sass when they die. Try not feeding them when you rez them.

    Worgen hunter. Interesting idea.


  2. I feel so limited in my WoW scope. I've only playerd rogue, priest, paladin, and mage past level 10. I have never played a pet class. I'm about to get a water elemental on my mage so that will be my first pet experience.

  3. Don't let anyone fool you, hunter pets are not complicated. There are only 2 things to remember. 1) turn off growl and 2) keep pet on passive. Everything else is on auto so if your pet has focus when the cool down is up it hits it itself.