Friday, February 5, 2010

A Bear's guide to ICC: Precious and Stinky

This is going to be fairly quick, but I feel like covering these two is worth their own brief post. They're closer to a mini-boss status than they are to "trash mob." Killing these two will probably take your guild a few minutes each and the fights can get challenging if you're not careful.

Just like Gluth did in Naxx, both of these dog...things will drop Mortal Wounds on the tanks and Decimates on the raid, so healers have to be vigilant. The Mortal Wound debuffs stack fairly quickly. You need to watch your debuffs and taunt off your fellow tank the moment yours drops. This is usually in the 7-9 stack range, so it can get tense.

Once you've cleared the trash immediately outside the Plagueworks, made your way up the stairs, and chopped down the Decaying Colossus, Stinky will be your next target. He (she? it?) pats along the corridor that goes to the left and leads to Festergut. He's also green.

Of the two plague pets, Stinky is the easier and the one you'll want to tackle first. Pull him with a Faerie Fire and drag him out onto the landing. The only thing going on in this fight other than the two abilities mentioned above is Plague Stench, and AoE ability that will constantly tick damage across the raid. (How foul does a smell have to be to tick 1500 HP?)

It stands to reason that if I'm using "to the left" and "green" to describe Stinky, then Precious can be identified because he's "to the right" and "not green." Joyous.

Precious does not smell so bad that you take damage for it, but he does summon a sizable group of adds on a regular interval. They don't hit hard and they don't have a lot of hit points, but you do want to get them down. The general idea is for the raid to stack on the tanks so we can AoE snag the adds. Then the DPS will AoE them down. So when they spawn, start Swiping like crazy.

And that's pretty much it. Once you get the basic idea down, they're simple. But they caused enough headache the first time we ran through that I thought it was worth mentioning here.


I just had a terrible thought. What if Stinky and Precious aren't "he" and "he"? What if it's "he" and "she"? And Gluth is their...oh god. Can undead even do that? And they have those open abdomens. Oh god. Oh god. I think I just threw up a little...
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