Monday, February 8, 2010

Bitter, party of one?

So I have this noob in my guild, right? I'm not making fun of's a self-professed title. One he wears proudly. I'm happy to oblige.

Anyway, this noob is really starting to piss me off. A couple weeks ago, we finally got The Twilight Zone (10 man). Black Drake drops, he wins the roll.

Earlier his week we got a group to try again. He flys in on the Blue Drake (that can now be obtained as a rare drop after defeating Eregos in a random Oc run).

Many months back, Skadi dropped the Blue Protodrake. Only time I've ever seen it drop. The noob was on that same run. He won the roll.

He's managed to fish up the sea turtle.

In the guilty-by-association category (because I'm mad, so logic no longer applies): his wife has gotten 3 (three!) green protodrakes, and his brother got one on the first try.

But which one of us is 87/100 on Mountain 'o Mounts and is furiously trying to complete it before Cata drops? Oh yeah...that'd be me. I had my Albino before Wrath came around and I want to finish this achievement!

And when I expressed these feelings to him over vent, do you know what his response was?

"I'm not trying to get all these." Yeah. Wrong answer.

So let me apologize for not feeling the least bit of sympathy when said noob has a QQ fest over Lower Spire loot drops.

Seriously. No love.



  1. That black drake sat in my bag, unlearned, until it had about 2 minutes left on the "You may trade this item" timer. I did feel bad about winning the roll. I apologized to both you and Argathne.

    Fortunately, we can get you that blake drake with another 3D zerg.

    Seriously, when I hit level 80 the only flying mount I had was my nether ray from the Skyguard. The other ones have all been by lucky rolls.

    I suppose it doesn't help things when I say that I saw another blue protodrake drop in a UP pug yesterday. Hmmm... guess I shouldn't have said that.

  2. See now I feel bad about taking the black drake the last time. Would you people share these mount insanity drives going on so I know to be nice and not roll. I partially wanted it to taunt Squatch with and partially cause its pretty. I'll zerg it again anytime y'all want.

    Oh so I got the blue drake in the OCC bag on my druid but I'm so in love with my flight form I'll probably never use it.