Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Druid Forms in Cata

So among the few things we know about Cataclysm is that two more races will have the Druid class opened to them: Worgen and Trolls.

To me, this is nothing but a huge disappointment. Why? Let's take a look.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be getting this race as a playable one. Holy crap, fun. I mean, really? Werewolves? How freaking cool is that?!

But us Druids...we spend a lot of our time in shifted forms. This takes a whole lot of the appeal out of playing a Worgen Druid. Who cares if I can shift into a badass werewolf? I'm going to be spending all my time as a cat/bear instead. So I don't get to see it. Even when I'm running around towns, I'm usually in Travel or Cat forms, if not Flight.

Unless Blizz pulls something completely unique and amazing out of their collective hats for Worgen forms, it's going to feel like a complete waste. And then all the other Druid races will probably just seem a little lame in comparison.

I have a feeling the Troll forms are going to be the best of the bunch. They already have the whole primal god motif going for them, and they're all pretty much awesome. From the day I ran Zul'Drak I wanted a quest where Har'koa adopts me and lets me take her form.

But seriously, think about it. Shirvallah, Bethekk, Nalorakk, Halazzi, Rhunok, Har'koa? And that's just the bears and cats. Not even counting the others like Mam'toth, Akali, Akil'zon, etc.

But, alas, I play Alliance. So no matter how undeniably cool the Troll forms are, I won't have access to them until I want to leave my guild. (I don't.) I'll just have to envy them from the other side.

Maybe cats and bears aren't going to be the default forms anymore, though. Maybe the Trolls and Worgen will get something else. Things that are reasonably close in idea but that aren't exactly the same. I could see a rhino tank. Or a wolf (worg?) DPS. Is it possible? What would those forms be, do you think?

What about our other non-combat forms?

Flight forms are already pretty cool. Worgen and Trolls will probably get their own color schemes. I envision a Worgen Epic Flight form being a huge shimmering black bird. That would be awesome. Maybe Trolls would get something more Eagle-like; like Akil'zon.

Our Travel form is an admitted placeholder. It was never meant to the the final artwork. I've always thought the travel form (for Night Elves, at least) should be a stag. It would work, as the icon is a hoof. What about the other races, though? Cheetahs almost make sense for the Tauren, being so close to the Barrens and all. They just need a better model.

So what about it? Worgen and Troll forms? Travel forms? New trees or doomchickens? What do you think we'll see in Cata? Or even beyond that, what would you like to see?


  1. I had hoped/prayed that Worgen would be the horde race, so I wouldn't have to play a moocow anymore. Alas, we get stumpy green goblins, and trolls are our new druid class: I think I'll save the money and stay tauren :)

    I hadn't considered them giving the worgen/trolls different animals for their forms. That is certainly an interesting idea. We know they are looking to revamp the tree form: I'm hoping for something more feminine, personally, like a sweeping willow dryad. If they vastly change the animal types, though, they'll have to change the attacks: wolves are less "claw rip" and more "chomp bite." I would love to see a wolf druid form, however: my favorite animal, I'd be thrilled to have it as a battle-capable shapeshift form.

    The swim form still needs work, badly. A small orca, shark, dolphin, or a slimmer seal, or a crocolisk or sea otter. If you could retain the otter form outside of water (normal run speed), that'd be great.

  2. I was just pondering about the Flight Forms for troll druids yesterday!

    The strange thing is that lore-wise, most troll tribes deem birds as inferior creatures. The only trolls that *do* hold avians in high regard were the Amani. Indeed most of the other trolls worship wind serpents or bats instead, so I'd bet on those 2 creatures as the troll druid flight forms.

    For Worgen, I'm thinking of bats. Or flying foxes >_>;