Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I'm hoping to get a real post up sometime later today. I've been swamped at work and at home the last few and haven't been able to put in the blogging time that I usually do.

That said, just a quickie for now. Our progression team bagged another kill last night. Poor Lana'thel got her wings clipped.

After she died we had about an hour left in our raid window, so we went to give Sindragosa some quick learning attempts. We got in 3 or 4, and were able to get her down to 44% on the last. Her (re)death is definitely on the horizon.

Also, that gauntlet before Sinnie? Sooo crazy. Fun, though.


  1. Grats! You guys are moving along nicely! And yeah, that trash before Sindragosa is some kinda crazy. :)

    Sindragosa is a good fight, tough until you get the movements down, but once your team does, it's pretty simple. I know you guys are going to (re)kill her sooner than later!

    Good luck!

  2. I honestly believe that if we had been able to find/spend more time to focus on progression in the earlier months of ICC's release, we'd be at least getting close to downing the Lich King by now, if not have already done it. Before last night none of us had even attempted Lana'thel. It took 2 hours to learn and beat her. I know we're working with the 15% buff now, but there's a certain amount of execution that the buff can't negate yet. Once we figured out what was going on, the fight was almost laughably trivial. (And my healers reading this are probably about to black-list me...)

    And Sindragosa to 44% on the 4th try? Yeah.

    Blood Princes and Valithria were also (separate) one-night learn-to-kills.

    The only fight so far that I think we'll have trouble reliably duplicating our success on is the Professor. There's something about that one encounter that makes me feel like we scraped by and still need a little work to perfect it.