Friday, May 21, 2010

If I was me

Sometimes--even when you're busy--something grabs your attention, gets your mind going, and won't let go until you've brain-dumped.

Bear Pelt over at WoWTrotter just asked what we would do if we "woke up as [our] character." Actually, she asked yesterday. But I'm just now seeing it during my perusal of my Morning Internet™. And since it's Friday and I'm completely burned out for the week, I decided that now is a good time to distract myself for a little bit and brain-dump.

So my immediate thought was, does that include the ability to run back to my corpse and pick up where I left off? Otherwise raiding is out.

But then I read the post (novel concept, eh?) and found out she meant what if we woke up in our reality as our character. OK, not quite as fun, but still workable.

I have several WoW characters, but for purposes of this post, I think we're supposed to be picking our main, so that would be Saniel. San's a max-level NE Druid. Male. So at least one aspect of my being wouldn't change.

I could sit here all day and think of fun things I could do being a Night Elf that could shift into any of 5 different forms. Not to mention do crazy(er?) things like call down lasers of moonlight on the heads of anyone I desired. (My neighbor's Pomeranian, Mufasa, comes to mind. I wish I was making that up. I'm not.)

But let's be real here. I'd be 7-odd feet tall, with long pointy ears, blue-ish purple skin, and glowing eyes. If I so much as opened the blinds, I'd probably be swarmed by the military in no time. Yeah, I could just turn into the most epic bird any of them had ever seen and fly away. But they would have still seen me. And I'd probably be spending the rest of my day fleeing. That wouldn't be fun.

I could head up into the mountains (I live in Colorado) and hope no one noticed the bear with glowing blue eyes, feathered jewelery, and markings like a badger. (Or, as one of our guildies prefers, a skunk.) And being a bear isn't particularly spectacular if you're not tanking something. Azeroth may have a few world bosses running around. The US, sadly, does not.

I'm not sure there's anywhere I could go (in a day's time) where a giant black cat of doom wouldn't look out of place. Although I'd have to find somewhere that I could play around like that just for a while. I have to imagine the feeling of such raw power would be a head rush. Not something I'd want to pass up.

Travel form...meh. I already have a better (if slower) kitty. Now if we were to get the stag for our travel form. Just make sure there's no hunters anywhere before trying that one out.

And I'm not even going to touch the mutant seal form. Although, since I could cleanse poisons, I could probably go hang out in the reservoir by Rocky Flats just long enough to get spotted. Maybe get my picture taken before flying away again. That could be fun. (Radiation would be considered a poison, right? Right?)

And maybe, just maybe, if I had the opportunity or my forms got boring or whatnot...I'd try to sit down for a couple hours and craft some leather gear. You know, just so I'd have something more permanent to serve as a reminder of the craziest day of my life.

And no other reason.

At all.

Don't judge me.

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  1. If ever I woke up in WoW as my character, I'd be whimpering in the corner at the thought of stepping out of a city/ portal to face the walking dead, diseased wolves or just spiders the size of cars. >_<;

    Though seriously if faced with an elf in our world, my hands would find their way to their ears. How... in the world are those things so huge and why?!

    Was a pleasure reading this :D Thanks for participating!