Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Pre-Cata Goals (Update)

Blogging is in a weird spot for me right now. I've made posts each of the last 3 (week)days. I'm still busy as hell at work and pretty stressed out about it. And taking time away from work during the day to blog (thus further pushing off the things I need to get done before a quickly approaching deadline) doesn't really help lower that stress when it comes to work.

On the other hand, taking that half hour or 45 minutes or whatever each of those 3 days to shove work aside and focus on something fun (or at least focus on venting other sources of stress) has kinda helped soothe my nerves a bit and has actually left me a little more productive once I force myself to get back to that work thing.

So I am for consecutive (week)day #4.

I figured I'd give a quick update on my pre-Cata goals.

1) Get my Mountain o' Mounts achievement

At the time I wrote my goals post, I was at 95. Since then I got the last Argent Tourney mount on my list (the Gnomeregan Mechanostrider), the sparkle pony, and the Stormpike Battle Charger (which I swore I already had, but apparently not).

I'm still waiting for my Black Drake, which is an eventual guarantee. The way I'm /rolling in there, it's going to be once I've gotten one for everyone else in the guild first, but I know I'll eventually get it.

That leaves one random drop from all those other possibilities listed. Some weeks I try harder than others to get them. It's so disheartening to defeat a boss again or open that damn Oracle egg again and not see that one item you're really, really hoping for. So right now it's usually a week of miserable failure alternating with a week of not even trying (except for the Egg, since there's really no effort involved in that one).

2) Get my Exalted achievement

Finished this one. I changed up my pirate killing strategy in the Barrens a little bit and more than doubled the rate at which I earned rep from killing them (up to about 2200/hour). The biggest change came from forcing myself to not loot the corpses. I did the math and realized that even with over 18K rep to grind at 2.5 rep per mob, I was still probably only passing up about 80 gold when it was all said and done. So I spent a few days running laps south of Ratchet and slaughtering pirates and got my Booty Bay and Gadgetzan reps over the top for the final two.

3) Get my Master of Arms achievement

Got this one, done, too. The NHL and NBA playoffs were a god-send for this. After doing whatever serious stuff I wanted to do for the night, I'd fire up the laptop and sit on the couch watching my Avalanche or Nuggets get ripped apart in their respective series while endlessly beating away at the abominations and skeletons right on the other side of the Icecrown border from Dalaran. Ended up with Staves, Polearms, Daggers, and Fists (thus getting the Knuckle Sandwich achieve, too).

4) Kill the Lich King

We're still 10/12, as we haven't had a lot of opportunities in the last two weeks to get in there with the strongest team possible. But this week has started off well (we got 8 bosses last night in 3 hours) and we're making a hard push to finally get past Sindy and get some good attempts in on the Lich King before the week is up. Odds are we'll extend the ID if we don't get it done this lockout. So I foresee this being complete before June 8.

5) Get my Priest to 80

I spent a good chunk of time this past Sunday working on my Priest. He's going solo now. My partner just hasn't been that keen on playing his Lock (who I was leveling said Priest with). He finally gave me the go ahead to finish without him and I finally put aside my feelings of guilt for "abandoning" him. So most of my non-raiding/non-farming time in game is going to be spent getting Siaaryn up to 80. I may even splurge on some Heirlooms now, even though he's only 16 levels away. It's not like I'm doing much else with my 600+ Triumph emblems...


  1. Buy epic gems and sell them. Say, 100g a pop. Easy money.

  2. My paladin is 64, Eat's healy priest is the same, Mhaya's lock is I think 62. We can pug one more dps easy and level like insane fiends in instances. Something to consider.

  3. I could do that, but I think there's a good chance I'm going to go slightly altaholic in the near future. Besides said Priest, I'm going to be making a Worgen Hunter before too long into Cata. And when the friend-an-account feature goes active in the next patch, I'm probably going to get a Hordie or two going as well. That's a lot of Heirloom gear to buy...