Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Best Druid Set to Date

I may be biased on this one. It's the only set I've collected full 5/5 in. But I still say, from a simple design perspective, the Druid T4 set is the best one we've seen yet. This is due in no small part to one very specific thing: pants.

Don't get me wrong. Robes are cool. But they feel very Resto or Balance. Ferals don't wear robes. They wear pants.

Still, in general, the whole set feels very...Druidy. It's a whole gold-trimmed, leafy pattern. Like a tree wrapped itself around us and became battle-hardened.

Collecting the whole set was no easy task. The pieces came from Kara (Curator, Prince), Gruul's Lair (Maulgar, Gruul), and Mag's Chamber (Magtheridon). Plus, at the time, we were competing with Warriors and Priests for our tier tokens, two insanely popular classes in BC.

But I did it. I managed to collect all 5/5. The night I got the chest token from Mag, I traded in, equipped that sucker, grabbed my matching mace out of the bank (I was actually using Illhoof's Tickler at the time, but that doesn't look very Druidy) and then ran off to the most Druidy place in the game I could think of to take some screenshots.

Burning Legion? Pfft. We're ready, right Remulos?

I still have that set stored away in my bank. I was really proud of the accomplishments it represented. And, you looks awesome.

Maybe I should put it back in my (already overstuffed) bags and use it as my "city wear." Just for fun. Hmmm....

Bring it on!


  1. I've never had the privilege of raiding during the Burning Crusade, but must say that I'm quite a fan of the Thunderheart set. Currently only have the shoulders and a non-tier headpiece that shares the same model, but do hope to collect em all one day.

    Because Origin of Nightmares goes so well with it :D

  2. The Thunderheart set wasn't bad. My main complaint about it was it didn't look, erm, ornate enough. Especially after this set. It was very...brown. The bird-head helm thing had the potential to look really cool, but they kinda missed the mark. I think our T7 and T9 sets both did it better.