Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We've been on a wave of ICC craziness in our guild lately. In the last 6 nights, I've spent 4 in ICC (3 on 10-man, 1 on 25). A lot has happened in those few days.

Two Sundays ago (the 7th, which is guess is out of that 6-night window I just mentioned) we got our 10-man team together and headed in to finally take advantage of a Raid ID we'd extended from the previous week. Yes, it took us until Sunday to do it. Like I said...our raid time is tight.

Anyway, with the recently-fixed Rotface injection timer and the 5% "pity buff," we were finally able to down Rotface. It took us two tries, and the second one was pretty sloppy. The last 250K was done with 2 tanks, a healer, and a dps. The last 100K was done sans healer. Fortunately one of the tanks and the dps were both paladins and I had all my cooldowns available. We scraped by. Much hooting and hollering and screen capping occurred.

We had about 3 minutes to give Putricide a try before we lost our tank for the night, so we buffed, pulled blind, and died fast.

Fast-forward to this past Sunday. There'd been some grumbling about how we were being too selective with our ICC teams. Fair enough. We were limiting our pool quite severely, even to the point of leaving out people who probably deserved to go. So I set up a run specifically targeted at some of those others.

We wiped once on Festergut because of a bad pull. And that was it until we started taking cracks at Putricide. Yep, that's right. Our not-quite-A team one-shot 5 of 6 bosses on the way to PP, including Rotface. Twas a good night. (We won't talk about our PP progress.)

This week we have two different 10-man runs planned. Last night's got stuck in the Plagueworks without downing any of those bosses, but it was a good run for the amount of time that we had.

Thursday night is our next shot. Then one of those two IDs will be carried over to the next week for some more progression tries, either on PP or the Blood Princes.

When it rains, it pours, I guess. Good times, though. And progress! :-)
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