Monday, March 22, 2010

DK PvP Help?

Is there anyone out there that can point me towards some good DK PvP resources? You know, the usual...specs, rotations, etc. Preferably somewhere where I don't have to dig through 1000 forum posts from the last 18 months to root out the useful information.

I want to start getting back into the BGs more often and I think I want to use my DK to do it. I'd like to figure out how to get him some decent starter PvP gear (heirlooms, maybe?) and level him the rest of the way to 80 in the BGs.

I don't really trust Google searches in this matter because of the proliferation of account hacking sites out there. So I'm hoping that someone who reads my blog knows some good resources. Or at the very least has a friend of a friend (of a friend)...


  1. Uhm. Lichborn on WoWinsider or Blood Sport might be able to help you (they're two columns)

  2. I know a bit that could help San. Blacksmiths get you decent starter pvp gear. And for pvp Chains of Ice is going to be a good friend of yours. A Free slow with just a Rune CD is nice. Other than that. Dont know much