Friday, March 12, 2010

Random bits and linkage

Thanks, all, for the support during my whine-fest on Wednesday morning. I think no small part of my frustration was due to the fact that I'd put in over 30 hours of work this week, prior to posting that. It's been a hellish one. The end is finally in sight, though.

Over the past week we've gotten a little more detail on how Mastery stats are going to work and even got a Feral-specific touch from Eyonix. Alaron over at The Fluid Druid got the news out along with his initial thoughts. I don't think I can say it any better than he already did, so I'm just going to direct you there. (Although I still say +crit is more likely than +agi for our second stat.)

If you missed the news and want full coverage of blue input on the matter, you can check this blue-tracked thread over on MMO-Champion.

Finally today, before getting back to the grind, I want to point you over to a post about some of the new in-game music we can look forward to in 3.3.3. As I'm pretty sure I've stated in this blog before, I'm a huge music nerd and I love the way Blizz has composed tracks for WoW (and all their games, really). These new tracks are no exception. The ZF Quiet and ZF Big Battle tracks, especially, have me really excited to figure out a way to get a high-enough level Troll over there and participate in the Echo Isles quests.
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